Is Your Organization Using Social Media Smartly and More Effectively?

bigstock-Social-Media-Sign-28292228Understanding the importance of maintaining a consistent social media strategy–that focuses on authentic communication with your audience is paramount to building your organization’s online communities. Use social media effectively to create an intersection between social channels and the human network to expose touchpoints (common interests, themes, and movements) that allow “for deeper, more personal connections that inspire sharing and interaction” (Solis, 2012). Continue reading

“Saying hello doesn’t have a ROI. It’s about building relationships” Gary V.

“Saying hello doesn’t have a ROI. It’s about building relationships” Gary Vaynerchuk.

Saying hello doesn't have and ROI. It's about building relationships-

In social media, intimacy counts. Intimacy is about how you listen & pay attention to
your social audience & provide some level of who you are – vulnerability.
Vulnerability + value in your message = trust. Trust builds relationships = ROI!


8 Facebook Engagement Stats A Social Business Needs To Know!

Manresala_8 Facebook Engagement Stats Your Business

When engaging with your social media community,  it’s essential to create social media campaigns that are consistently engaging and are always attracting new fans while maintaining relationships with your already established followers. All of your social media channels should reflect authentic content that resonates with your social media users (Schaffer, 2013). Curating content that resonates with your social media can be tricky and takes time. You or your social media team will have to experiment with different types of messages. You’ll want to develop a variety of content that will trigger conversations and engage your current social audience while increasing your fan base as well. Continue reading