About Lisa


Lisa Manresa (Linkedin.com)

As a Communications Specialist, Lisa helps individual professionals, non-profit, and for-profit organizations successfully communicate objectives to meet internal and external goals. Her mission is to champion their cause, build-up organizational confidence, and creatively contribute to a client’s end goals that are reflective of their brand and their voice. Lisa champions, a strategic communication plan identifies the core message, goals, target audience, and determines which communication platform best delivers the intended message, and devises a method of execution.

Strategically addressed communication plans:

Focus on Your Target Audience
– Build’s Trust, Brand Awareness, & Loyalty 
– Foster’s Relationships
– Engages Listening & Feedback
– Communicates Change & Maximizes ROI
Creates Mechanisms to Measure KPI’s


2015 – Graduate Student – Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication with a Minor in Social Media and Online Communities from Northeastern University – Boston, MA – GPA 3.8

2012 – Bachelors of Arts and Science – Sociology, Dallas Baptist University – Dallas, TX


Communications Specialist


Building Internal and External Communication Platforms, Social Media Strategizing, and Cultivating Online Communities

Experience in the following job-related competencies:

  • Event Management
  • Strategic Communications & Social Media Strategy
  • Branding & Brand Management
  • Leveraging Online Communities: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, & Instagram
  • Using Social Media Tools: WordPress, Weebly, Canva, PikToChart, MailChimp, iMovie, Animoto, GoAnimate, Cinemagraph Pro & SurveyMonkey
  • Managing Social Media: Engagement, Curating, & Maintenance
  • Creating Marketing Collateral using traditional and web-based methods
  • Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint


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